TIMOOM Body Hair Removal Depilatory 20 Waxing Strips – Imported


  • Leave no residue
  • No thick
  • The same black
  • Much the same
  • Main features of the wax strips:
  • Ingredient: Non-woven febric depilatory wax
  • weight 7g/pc
  • Packing: 20pcs/bag
  • product size: 10 x 2 x 19cm
  • Color: Purple(Rose), yellow(Honey) and green(Aloe)
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How to use waxing strips:
01. Rub wax paper between hands for 5 seconds(winter only)
02. Hold both ends of the wax paper, seperate it into two pieces
03. Apply the wax paper on the skin, wipe along the direction of hair growth
04. Tear it quickly against the direction of hair growth
05. Use the wet tissue to clean the remain wax
06. Finally, apply the After Wax Treatment Oil needs to be purchased separately
Please reference follow picture’s instruction:

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